How to remove and fit sliding doors

When removing the sliding doors, remove them one at a time, near the middle of the frame.

First, remove the sliding door by bending the entire door slightly forward and pulling the bottom out while lowering it down. Note that bending too far may cause the paper to wrinkle or break.

To fit, first insert the bottom part into the gap between the square timbers, then bend the entire piece slightly forward while inserting it into the gap at the top.

*There is a 1mm adjustment plate at the top. To prevent it from collapsing, make sure to apply pressure to the bottom.

Each sliding door has a number ①, ②, and ③ written on the back. This means the first, second, and third sliding doors in order from the front, so please insert them in the designated places as shown in the following images.

*Insert ① between the main frame and the square timber.
*Do not insert ③ immediately in front of the acrylic plate.

How to fit square timbers

As the threshold of the sliding door, a total of six square timbers, three on the top and three on the bottom, are fitted into the frame of the sliding door.

When putting back the removed square timbers or replacing broken square timbers, turn the frame over and remove the back plate, acrylic plate, illustration, and sliding door before proceeding.

If you find it difficult to insert the sliding door, you can easily insert it by shaving a little off the corner at the end. If the length is shortened, the sliding door may come off.


Since thin acrylic panels are used, the upper and lower clasps on the back panel have been removed and made unusable, as prolonged force may cause distortion, resulting in poor movement of the sliding door.

The product includes one square piece of wood as a spare, two stickers for pulls, and a sheet of Japanese paper.

The frame of the sliding door is not glued to each other or to the frame, so it can be easily disassembled, but it is balanced for better movement before shipment, so if there are no problems, please use it without disassembly. When disassembling and reassembling, please note that parts are either facing up or down.

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